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Vagabonds love Maple Leaves!
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vagabondopera wrote in toronto_music
Hello Toronto!! We, Vagabond Opera, shall be gracing your fair city on January 31st at the Lula Lounge!

For those who do not know, we bring to you Opera reinvented! Gypsy, cabaret, vaudeville, Eastern European, Yiddish, Balkan and more! In over 14 different languages, we bring in Bulgarian Accordion, sinfully fast cellos (yes, two cellos!), jazzy drums beats, relentless upright bass and salacious saxophone. We hail from the sunny streets of Portland Oregon and are trekking across the great north-eastern part of winter!

Tickets are avaliable here.

We'd love to see you there! Let us know if you have any questions we can answer.

Caio, darlings!


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